For the Greater Northern Indiana Area

commercial & Residential roofing installations, inspections, repairs, & Replacement.


Roof Replacements & Installations:

We offer roofing services ranging from repairs, to installations and replacements of completely new roofing system. For roofing replacements and installations: we begin the process by tearing off all the old shingles, vents, flashing, drip edge, felt paper, and other necessary components. We then inspect the decking and fix any problems before installing the new roofing system. Once your roofing system is ready to be installed, we’ll ensure we prepare your roof appropriately with necessary specifications to ensure the highest quality roof possible. Finally, once your roof has been prepared by our expert roofers, we begin the process of installing your new roofing shingles or roofing system.

We use GAF products as part of our diamond roofing standard. We offer a number of Architectural Asphalt Shingle options and never compromise on the quality of your roofing material. Our full roofing system replacement includes all new Drip Edge, Pro-Start, Weather Watch ice and water shield, Tiger Paw synthetic underlayments, Snow Country Advanced Ridge Vent, Seal a Ridge Cap shingles, flashings, and a wide variety of shingles for your selection.

When the job is complete our expert roofing account manager will prepare a final inspection of the area, and review the work with you to make sure you're completely satisfied. For added peace of mind, we offer a GAF Weather Stopper System Plus Lifetime Warranty which covers the installation, tear off, labor, and disposal for your roof for life and is non-prorated for 50 years! This warranty comes standard on all of our full roofing system replacements, however it can be removed per customer request in order to reduce costs.

Get a free, fair, and friendly quote from Northern Indiana’s Diamond standard of roofing today to see why at Asscher Roofing home means brighter skies.

Roof Repairs:

Not all roofs need to be replaced, with an Asscher Roofing Diamond Standard Inspection: you will get more than just reliable advice on whether you need repairs to your roof or not. We will do a full assessment of your current roofing system, outline the various factors that affect pricing, and provide you with a full diagnostic before we recommend any repairs.

Our minimum cost for a roof repair is $450

If only repairs are needed, we can perform all the repairs needed and by doing so extend the life of your roof. Remember that all of our quotes are free, fair, & friendly.