Asscher Roofing Company:

What is the asscher diamond?

Inspired by the Asscher Cut Diamond, first produced in the mid 1800s by the Asscher Family, a diamond cut to show no imperfections. Asscher Roofing Company is Northern Indiana’s diamond standard in roofing replacement, installation, or repairs. Throughout all of the services we offer, we harbor the values of quality, dedication, honesty, and transparency to ensure that your project is completed as flawlessly as possible. Just like the Asscher Diamond, which is precisely and expertly crafted for the abscence of any imperfections: all of our services are focused on bringing you peace of mind coupled with a flawless finish that will enhance and bring vibrance to any property.

As an M&V Pro Services Brand, Asscher Roofing Company provides the same high quality professionalism our clients expect from over 20 years of building & maintenance experience. From roofing to siding, soffits, facia, and gutters, Asscher Roofing Experts will dedicate themselves to bringing you high quality craftsmanship and most importantly, peace of mind. Get a quote from us today to find out why we are northern Indiana’s Diamond Standard Roofing & Exterior System Installer.


We believe in meting & exceeding your expectations. Whether you need roofing, siding, gutters, soffit or facia: our expert Asscher Roofing Professionals will provide you with a free estimate as well as the quality work that you need to have professional grade peace of mind. Creating an enjoyable living experience from top to bottom, the quality of work that Asscher Roofing Company shows why Asscher Roofing Company is your local source for roofing services and more.

over 10 years of experience: Locally owned and operated.

Originally a department of M&V Pro Services, Asscher Roofing Company was created by Miguel and Virginia Hernandez, local entrepreneurs dedicated to the Michiana community. Their vision to provide top quality building & maintenance services, Asscher Roofing Company has been expertly roofing, siding, & gutter services for over 10 years. We believe in the Diamond Standard of Roofing. So get a free quote today and find out why Asscher Roofing Company: “home” is northern Indiana’s Diamond Standard Roofing & Exterior System Installer.

Meet our owners:

Asscher Roofing Company is Locally Owned & Operated

Miguel & Virginia Hernandez

Are Michiana entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives to providing amazing quality services to their community without compromising on services or local values. They have spent over 25 years dedicated to the residents and businesses of South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart, Granger, Osceola, Notre Dame, and more with their companies and their own personal community service. Proudly residents of South Bend near the M&V and Asscher Roofing Headquarters, Miguel & Virginia Believe in the values of working hard while being honest and reliable. Their guidance and generosity are a part of everything that Asscher Roofing Company does, and we are proud to be a member of their and the communities family.

Our Owners: Miguel & Virginia Hernandez

Our Owners: Miguel & Virginia Hernandez