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We strive to be the diamond standard of roofing for the South Bend Area, that means we work our hardest to provide you with high quality roofing services in the form of repairs, replacements, installations and free quotes. All customers receive a high quality roofing consultation from one of our expert roofing account managers where we go over all your options for the cost of your new roof as well as any suggestions we have for your safety, security, and peace of mind.

We specialize in architectural shingle asphalt roofing in both commercial and residential respects.

Roof Replacements in South Bend, IN

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Asscher Roofing has you covered when it comes to the replacement of your previously installed roof. The standard timeframe of a roofing system is roughly 12-25 years depending on the usage, foliage near by, material, pitch, and installation. Once it’s time to replace your new roof we initiate the process by tearing off all of the existing shingles, along with the venting, flashing, drip edge, felt paper, and whatever else needs replacing.

We also inspect any decking and fix repair any problems we find, before properly installing your new roofing system. We use GAF products as part of our standard Weather Stopper System Plus Warranty. A lifetime warranty that covers all your needs and won’t break the bank. We then ensure that your system is properly installed using new wrapping, drip edge, flashing, ridge cap shingles, and a large selection of high quality GAF Architectural Shingles.

If you need to make your budget work, or are looking for more economic choices: we have a variety of offerings to provide you with diamond standard quality at an affordable cost. Roofing services should be easy, clear, and honest: we strive to provide this through all our services at Asscher Roofing Company.

Roof Repairs in South Bend, IN

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Every roof is different, to us they all matter because they protect you and those inside. We strive to provide a strong inspection that will allow you to know weather or not you need roofing repairs or an entire replacement. Our job is to make sure you are given an accurate measure of any roofing damage and what solutions we can offer you that make the most sense for your budget, safety, and peace of mind.

Our goal is to repair your roof, extend its lifecycle, or repair any improper installation problems caused by other roofing contractors. When you have to repair you roof as opposed to replacing we will try to match your color as closely as possible, making a near-seamless transition. Additionally, we will provide our best effort to ensure that the quality of shingle as well as the thickness and security are either upgraded or equivalent.

Generally: our basic cost for roof repair is $450 however sometimes these costs can be higher or lower depending on the issue you’re dealing with, the specifications of your roof, and the severity of the damages.


Roofing & Siding go hand in hand and we know that when it comes to the look of your home there is nothing more visible or important than proper siding. We strive to provide the best in high quality siding replacement, repair, or installation with the same level of expertise that comes with all our amazing services. Our experts are highly skilled in In both siding repair and replacement because we know when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your property the siding will provide a huge upgrade. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind and understanding to be able to have security, happiness, and pride in your home.

Our specialty is vinyl siding for the South Bend, Indiana Area.